Marine Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Instrument Panel

Our marine aluminium die cast instrument panel are superbly crafted and of the highest quality


Product Name Aluminium die-cast instrument panels
Size L: 508mm W:285mm H: 38 mm
Weight       3.28  KG
Material Grade A380
Surface treatment passivation(Customized)
Packing Cardboard box/pallets
MOQ 500 Pcs


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Product Description

Our customized aluminum die cast instrument panel is produced based on customer-provided drawings, and it is designed for applications in the control cabins of ships and yachts. It serves as a sturdy mounting base for various instruments within the cabin. Constructed from high-quality A380 aluminum alloy, the instrument panel is produced through die-casting and further refined through cleaning and surface passivation processes, followed by CNC machining to create the finished product. It boasts precise dimensions and excellent mechanical performance.

Our die cast aluminium instrument panel provide strong support for vessel control and navigation

We offer Marine Aluminium Die Casting Instrument Panel, which is a key component designed for the cockpit of ships and yachts. The instrument panels are designed to provide a sturdy mounting and fixing base for the various instruments on the vessel to ensure that they work securely in all sailing conditions. Below are some of the key features of our instrument panels:

  • CUSTOM DESIGN: Our instrument panels are custom moulded and manufactured according to the drawings and specifications provided by our customers. This means that it can meet the unique needs of different types and sizes of vessels, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Premium quality materials: We use high quality A380 aluminium alloy for our aluminium die casting, which ensures that the instrument panel has superior strength and durability to withstand the challenges of the offshore environment.
  • PRECISE DIMENSIONS: The instrument panels are CNC machined to ensure precise dimensions. This contributes to the accurate installation and reliability of the gauges.
  • CLEANING & SURFACE TREATMENT: Our manufacturing process includes cleaning and surface passivation to provide additional protection against corrosion, ensuring that the instrument panels are used for long periods of time in harsh conditions.
  • Versatility: Marine instrument panels are versatile, providing a sturdy support platform for a wide range of instruments such as navigation, engine controls, communications equipment, and more.
  • Our marine aluminium die-cast instrument panels represent superior craftsmanship and quality, designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of marine operations. Whether you are a commercial vessel or a yacht for recreational use, our instrument panels will meet your needs and ensure that the various instruments in the cockpit are in optimal working condition.
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