High Quality Air Compressor Aluminium Die Casting Crankcase

Discover the heart of your air compressor – the high-quality Aluminium Die Casting Crankcase.

Product Name Automotive Fuel Pump Housing
Size L: 256mm W:224mm H: 235 mm
Weight       1.8  KG
Material Grade ADC12
Surface treatment Shot blasting(Customized)
Packing Cardboard box/pallets
MOQ 500 Pcs
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Product Description

Our high quality aluminium die casting crankcase for air compressors are durable and offer excellent performance

Key Features
Premium Material: Our aluminium die-cast crankcases are meticulously die-cast from premium quality ADC12 aluminium, which is prized for its superior strength and durability. This ensures that your compressor will remain rugged even under harsh operating conditions.
Precision engineering: The die casting process allows us to produce complex and precise shapes, a key factor in achieving optimum functionality. You can trust our aluminium die casting crankcase to provide a perfect fit and ensure efficient compressor operation.
Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Aluminium has excellent heat dissipation properties, allowing your air compressor to maintain the proper operating temperature, even during extended periods of use.
Customised Options: We recognise that different air compressors have specific requirements. Therefore, we offer custom moulding options to meet your unique needs.


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