Customisable High Quality Die-cast Aluminium Tube Radiators

We offer highly efficient die-cast aluminium tube radiators solution, combining aluminium die casting processes and fixed die casting mould technology to meet your unique requirements.

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Superior aluminium die casting – the secret to efficient heat dissipationOur die cast aluminium tube radiators are synonymous with superior performance. Using aluminium alloys with excellent thermal conductivity and a proven die casting process, we are able to produce sophisticated radiator designs that ensure optimum heat dissipation under all conditions. The aluminium die casting process not only provides exceptional strength and durability, but also has excellent heat transfer characteristics to ensure that equipment maintains its performance at high temperatures and pressures. The benefits of this process allow our die-cast aluminium tube radiators to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring your equipment remains stable in challenging environments.



Product Name Automotive Fuel Pump Housing
Size L: 165mm W:55mm H: 48 mm
Weight       0.18 KG
Material Grade ADC12/A380
Surface treatment shot peening(Customized)
Packing Cardboard box/pallets
MOQ 1000 Pcs
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