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In the entire process of die-casting projects, from design to product delivery, we are committed to being your best partner.

Die Casting Product Design and Optimization product design by UG, SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD software.

Die cast Tooling Design

This includes the number of die casting mold cavities, mold parting lines, die-casting runner layout, overflow and exhaust systems, slider core pulling, parting, cooling systems, and ejector pin positions.

Casting part Design and Optimization Optimizing castings structures to enhance strength and reduce weight.

Adjusting casting part wall thickness to prevent various issues during the die-casting process.

Optimizing the casting part’s Rounding Radius to improve pressure die casting formation and prevent premature die cast tooling cracking.

Optimizing parting lines based on diecastings requirements and actual production.

Using FLOW-3D CAST software for flow simulation to evaluate die cast tooling design and provide DFM reports, eliminating initialmold design defects.

Die Mold Design1
Die Mold Design2

Die Cast Tooling

Die casting mold are fabricated and assembled using equipment such as CNC machines, wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment, grinding machines, and radial drilling machines.

Delivery Time: The completion of die casting mold varies from 35 to 50 days depending on the dimensions and complexity of the casting parts.

Die cast tooling Lifespan: Die casting mold made from standard H13 steel material typically endure around 50,000 cycles for aluminum die casting, 500,000 cycles for zinc die casting, while molds made from Swedish DIEVAR material for aluminum alloys typically last around 100,000 cycles.

Die-Casting Molds1
Die Casting Molds2

Die casting manufacturing

Die casting products production follows sample approval .

We accommodate small-batch diecastings production (10 pieces to 500 pieces).

Die casting machines: Cold chamber die casting machines at 160t, 280t, 500t, and 800t; Hot chamber die casting machines at 38t, 88t, 100t, and 168t.

Selectable alloys include: aluminum alloys ADC12, ADC10, ADC1, A380, A360, AlSi12, AlSi9Cu3, AlSi10MgFe, as well as zinc alloys Zmark3, Zmark5, Zmark2…….

Machining is carried out using multi-axis drilling/tapping, CNC lathes, and four-axis CNC machining centers.

Surface treatments encompass grinding, shot blasting, polishing, powder coating, painting, electrophoresis, electroplating …

Die casting parts development and manufacturing​2
Die casting parts development and manufacturing​1
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