Aluminum Die-Cast Car Interior Mirror Mounting Bracket

Die-casting single ball head holder for vehicle interior mirror is an important part used to install vehicle interior mirror

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Application of die-cast single ball head holder for automotive interior mirror

Die-casting single ball head holder for vehicle interior mirror is an important part used to install vehicle interior mirror, its application mainly covers the following aspects:

  • INTERVIEW MIRROR MOUNTING: Die-cast single ball head mounts are commonly used to mount the vehicle’s interior view mirror.
  • Field of View Adjustment: With the die-cast monoball head mount, the driver can adjust the angle and position of the interior mirror to accommodate different driving needs and heights. This helps to improve driving safety, reduce blind spots and ensure visibility to rear traffic.
  • Anti-glare function: Some interior mirrors are equipped with an automatic anti-glare function, which effectively reduces glare from oncoming traffic at night by controlling the adjustment of the die-cast single-ball head mount.
  • Reversing Assist: By adjusting the position of the interior mirror bracket, it can help the driver to better see obstacles and surroundings during reversing.
  • In short, die-cast monoball head mounts for automotive interior mirrors are a key component that not only supports the mounting of interior mirrors, but also provides field of view adjustments, anti-glare, reversing assistance, and driver monitoring to enhance the driving experience and safety. These mounts usually need to have stability, adjustability and durability to cope with different driving scenarios and needs.
  • Our company specializes in the production of a variety of automotive interior mirror zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die-casting single ball head bracket, to the major automotive interior mirror, streaming mirror manufacturers, covering a variety of cars, SUVs, our production of single ball head bracket size is accurate, to ensure that the mirror to adjust the angle of the torque in the right place!
    Product Name Zinc alloy car interior mirror bracket
    Size L: 65mm W:42mm H: 54 mm
    Weight       0.26  KG
    Material Grade Zamak 3
    Surface treatment powder coating(Customized)
    Packing Cardboard box/pallets
    MOQ 1000 Pcs
    Applicable models Toyota
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