Customised high quality die-cast automotive air conditioning compressor valve body end caps

Our automotive air conditioning compressor valve body end caps are made of high silicon aluminium alloy die casting with high hardness and excellent wear resistance.

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Our company can custom mould die-casting production of various types of automotive air conditioning compressor valve body end caps, using high quality high silicon aluminium alloy production.

advanced die-casting equipment and rich experience to ensure the quality of aluminium die-casting valve body end cap is reliable, to eliminate the occurrence of the product of internal air holes and other undesirable phenomena, precision CNC machining ensures that the product of the assembly dimensional accuracy, high silicon aluminium alloy has a very good hardness and abrasion resistance!

Advantages of Customized Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor valve body end caps

  • Advantages of our customised aluminium die casting valve body end caps for automotive air conditioning compressors:
    CUSTOMISABILITY: We can customise the moulds as per the drawings, samples or design requirements provided by the clients to manufacture the valve body end caps as per the exact specifications and dimensions. This helps us meet the specific requirements of various types and brands of automotive air conditioning systems.
    Sealing performance: Our aluminium die-cast valve body end caps offer excellent sealing performance. Highly accurate dimensions and billets with no internal porosity ensure the integrity of the pump body and prevent leakage of liquids or gases.Extensive experience and advanced equipment.
  • Our extensive die casting production experience and advanced aluminium die casting equipment and technology ensures consistent and reliable quality of valve body end caps. Precise control of the die-casting process reduces the rate of defects and ensures the quality of the valve body end caps for air conditioning compressors.Save material and processing cost: our air conditioning compressor valve body end cap can use special high silicon aluminium alloy for die casting, no need to cast iron piston cylinder liner, can directly carry on the CNC machining of the piston hole, greatly reducing the processing cost.


  • Product Name Automotive valve body end caps
    Size L: 115mm W:85mm H: 58 mm
    Weight       0.26  KG
    Material Grade ADC12/A380
    Surface treatment powder coating(Customized)
    Packing Cardboard box/pallets
    MOQ 500 Pcs
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