Aluminium alloy die-casting automotive fuel pump housing

We produce aluminium die-cast fuel pump housings of good quality, high dimensional accuracy and durability

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Our company can custom mould die-casting automotive fuel pump housing, advanced die-casting equipment and rich experience to ensure that the quality of fuel pump shell is reliable, to avoid internal porosity and other bad, the surface passivation + spraying treatment so that the product has a good corrosion resistance, precision CNC machining to ensure that the assembly of the product after the dimensional accuracy.

Benefits of Customized automotive fuel pump housing Bodies

Advantages of Our Customized Automotive Aluminum Die-Cast Pump Bodies:Customizability: We can create custom molds based on customer-provided drawings, samples, or design requirements to manufacture pump bodies that meet precise specifications and dimensions. This helps us cater to the specific requirements of various types and brands of automobiles.

  • Sealing Performance: The aluminum die-cast pump bodies we produce exhibit outstanding sealing performance. High-precision dimensions and the absence of internal pores in the blanks ensure the integrity of the pump bodies, preventing any leakage of liquids or gases.
  • Rich Experience and Advanced Equipment: With extensive experience in die-casting production and advanced aluminum die-casting equipment and technology, we can ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. Precise control of the die-casting process reduces defect rates and guarantees the quality of the pump bodies.
  • Product Name Automotive Fuel Pump Housing
    Size L: 115mm W:85mm H: 58 mm
    Weight       0.26  KG
    Material Grade ADC12/A380
    Surface treatment powder coating(Customized)
    Packing Cardboard box/pallets
    MOQ 500 Pcs
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