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Product Name Chrome-plated zinc alloy locker door handle
Size L: 150mm W:120mm H:3.5 mm
Weight       0.3  KG
Material Grade zamak3
Surface treatment Chrome plated
Packing Cardboard box
Order quantity 1000 Pcs
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Product Description

Our zinc alloy die-casting locker door handle production process:

  • Mold Making: Based on design requirements, molds suitable for zinc alloy locker door handle are created. These molds can be used to produce multiple identical handle products.
  • Melting and Die Casting: The Zamak 3 zinc alloy material is heated and melted, then injected into the molds using a die-casting machine. Through cooling and solidification, the zinc alloy takes the desired shape of the locker door handle.
  • Extraction and Trimming: Once the zinc alloy has fully cooled, it is extracted from the molds and undergoes trimming and shaping processes. This includes removing sprues, burrs, and performing edge and surface grinding to achieve the expected appearance and quality standards.
  • Cleaning and Polishing: To remove surface dirt and impurities, the handles are typically subjected to cleaning processes. Subsequently, they undergo polishing to achieve a smooth and shiny surface.
  • Chrome Plating: After the cleaning and polishing steps, the clean handles are placed into chrome plating equipment. A uniform layer of chromium is deposited onto the handle surfaces, providing excellent corrosion resistance and an appealing aesthetic.
  • Quality Inspection and Packaging: Finally, the chrome-plated handles undergo quality inspection, ensuring compliance with standards. Appearance, dimensions, gloss, and other criteria are checked. Once inspected, the handles are packaged accordingly.
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