High quality low power aluminium die-casting spotlight housing

Our LED die-casting spotlight housing offer reliable performance and good heat dissipation to meet the specific needs of spotlighting projects.

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Our aluminium die-casting spotlight housing offer efficient heat dissipation.

“Our die-casting spotlight housing have an efficient thermal design with high performance heat sinks. The housing is made of die-cast aluminium alloy with a thermal conductivity of up to 150 W/(m-K), ensuring excellent heat dissipation. In addition, the die-cast aluminium housing of our spotlights is electrophoretically coated. This not only enhances its aesthetics, but also provides a thinner coating compared to powder coating, significantly improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the spotlight during operation. As a result, this effectively increases the service life of the LED components.

Key Features:

Aluminium die-casting spotlight housing with high efficiency heat dissipation ribs.
Adopting high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminium alloy (thermal conductivity up to 150 W) /(m-K)).
Electrophoretic painting treatment with beautiful surface.
Thinner coating improves heat dissipation efficiency during operation.
Improved lifetime and performance of embedded LED components.
Our aluminium die-cast spotlight housings represent a fusion of cutting-edge thermal design

with durable materials to ensure optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.

Experience longer LED component life and consistent performance with our innovative thermal management solutions.

For more information or enquiries, please contact us.”



Product Name Aluminium die casting downlight housing
Weight     0.12 kg
Material Model ADC12/A360
Surface treatment Electrophoresis (customised)
Packaging Cardboard box
MOQ 2000 pcs
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