Fantastic aluminium die cast tooling with running feed and four cavities

Our aluminum die cast tooling are designed with rich experience and manufactured with high productivity and easy maintenance.

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Our aluminium die cast tooling are uniquely designed to achieve one mould for four multi-slide products, thus increasing die casting production efficiency.

Advanced aluminium die cast tooling design tools:
We use UG, SolidWorks and other industry-leading software for the structural design of die cast tooling. Die casting simulation using FLOW-3D CAST ensures optimal performance and reliability of the mould. These tools not only improve design efficiency, but also ensure the accuracy and reliability of aluminium die cast tooling in actual production.

High quality aluminium die casting mold materials:
Our aluminium die casting mold are made of high quality materials. The mould cavities are made of H13 material and the mould frame is made of standard 45# steel frame to ensure the durability and stability of the die cast tooling.

Precision aluminium die cast tooling  manufacturing process:
Our die cast tooling   start from raw material procurement, through rough machining, quenching, precision engraving, electrical discharge machining, wire cutting, assembly by experienced mould technicians, through a meticulous manufacturing process, and finally surface polishing. Upon completion, the mould will undergo its first test on a die casting machine to verify its performance. These processes ensure that the aluminium die casting moulds have excellent performance and service life during use.

unique feature of our aluminium die casting mold  is the orbital runner design. This design successfully achieves a four-cavity setup in one mould, which is particularly effective for products that require two core extractions. This technological innovation enhances subsequent die casting production, providing our customers with excellent cost-effectiveness and increased productivity.

We specialise in providing high quality aluminium alloy diecasting moulds, offering superior design, first-class materials and advanced processes to meet the needs of our customers for customised solutions.

Contact Ruiyu at the beginning of your product design and our engineers can help optimise your product design for lower cost, better performance and higher quality!

die mold size 520mm*455mm*420mm
Cavity Size 420mm*250mm*180mm
Mold weight 480kg
Mould Structure Multi-slider two-plate tooling
Runner Type Multi-point ring feed
Cavity Material H13
Cavity hardness after heat treatment 46-48HRC
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