Five ways to extend the life of die cast tooling

Extending the service life of die cast tooling is a critical goal within the die casting industry, as it directly impacts product costs and production efficiency.

To achieve this objective, a series of measures can be taken to enhance the longevity of die casting molds, encompassing aspects such as mold structure design, material selection, heat treatment, production environment, and maintenance.

1. Die cast tooling Structure Design:

A well-designed mold structure forms the foundation for extending die casting moulds longevity. During the design process, factors such as alloy characteristics and product requirements should guide the selection of appropriate wall thickness and structure, avoiding overly complex geometric shapes that might lead to stress concentration and thermal stress. Uniform wall thickness design helps prevent the occurrence of excessively thick or thin regions. Furthermore, a well-designed gating system and effective venting contribute to reducing metal impact and porosity formation, thereby prolonging die cast tooling life.

What are the methods to extend the service life of die-casting molds?1

2. Selection of suitable materials for die cast tooling:

Choosing high-quality mold materials suitable for die casting processes is of paramount importance. Premium hot work die steels like H13 and 8407 exhibit excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, making them suitable for various types of alloy die casting. For instance, employing molds made from 8407 or refined H13 can achieve an aluminum die cast tooling life of 70,000 to 100,000 cycles. Tailoring mold material selection to production requirements and alloy characteristics ensures adequate hardness and durability.

What are the methods to extend the service life of die-casting molds?2

3. Heat Treatment for Die Cast Tooling:

The heat treatment process directly influences a mold’s mechanical properties and lifespan. Proper heat treatment techniques enhance hardness and wear resistance while reducing thermal stress. For example, employing a heat treatment process involving graded heating at 480°C, 700°C, and 850°C, followed by vacuum oil quenching at 1050°C and secondary tempering at 600°C, effectively increases mold longevity.

What are the methods to extend the service life of die-casting molds?3

4.The use of die cast tooling environment:

Maintaining a controlled production environment helps minimize mold wear and damage. Stable working temperatures should be upheld, avoiding excessive temperature fluctuations that contribute to thermal stress. Likewise, maintaining stable cooling water temperatures and avoiding temperatures that are excessively high or low prevents adverse effects on the mold. Ensuring adequate lubrication during production reduces wear and friction. The preheating temperature for aluminum alloy die casting molds ranges from 150°C to 180°C, while the operating temperature falls between 180°C and 240°C. Opting for slightly higher temperatures can significantly extend mold life.

What are the methods to extend the service life of die-casting molds?4

5.Die Casting Moulds Maintenance:

Regular mold maintenance is crucial to ensuring sustained stable operation. New molds should undergo stress-relief tempering and debugging upon initial use. During production, regular cleaning and lubrication of molds, as well as prompt repair of damaged components, prevent problems from worsening. Tailoring maintenance schedules based on die cast tooling lifespan allows for regular checks on wear and damage, and enables necessary repair measures to be taken.

By implementing these comprehensive measures, the service life of die casting moulds can be significantly extended, leading to reduced losses and maintenance costs, ultimately resulting in heightened production efficiency and product quality. Ongoing vigilance concerning mold condition, combined with proactive maintenance efforts, empowers die casting enterprises to maintain optimal die casting moulds conditions, extend mold lifespan, and gain a competitive edge in the market.


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