Orange Powder Coated 15″ Aluminum speaker frames P385-669

Our 15-inch aluminium speaker frames are manufactured using a die-casting process and are ideal for premium speakers!

Code Note Code Note Code Note
D(Outer Diameter) 390mm d1(Diameter of  paper hole ) 384mm H(Total height) 155.4
D1(Miameter Of Centre Bore) 110mm d2(Secondary Inner Diameter) 350.3mm h(Effective height) 93.6mm
D2(Csecendary Outer Diameter) 351.4mm d3(Dlameter For Damper) 168.9mm h1(Fodler height)
D3( Diameter Of Mounting Hole) 168.9mm h3(Bottim height)
D4( Diameter Of Rivet Hole) 6*127*6.5
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We have dozens of mould models to produce speaker frames of different shapes and sizes, and can also choose different colours of powder coating for these frames to meet the aesthetic requirements of our customers.

Features of 15″ aluminum die-cast speaker  frames

  • The speaker frame basket is the part that mounts the speaker cone in the speaker cabinet.
  • Material: Our 15″ cone frame is made of die-cast aluminum, which offers the advantages of strength, and light weight.
  • Construction: Die-casting is a manufacturing process in which molten aluminum is injected into a die-casting mold through the high pressure of a die-casting machine. It allows for the manufacture of a precise and consistent sized pot holder.
  • Size: The subwoofer speaker frame is designed to accommodate a 15-inch speaker cone, allowing for secure mounting and positioning.
  • Mounting Holes: Our brackets are pre-drilled for easy mounting to speaker cones and speaker enclosures.
  • Rigidity and resonance damping: The die-cast construction reduces unwanted vibration and resonance, improving sound quality.
  • Heat dissipation: Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, so the speaker frame can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the speaker components.
  • Corrosion resistance: Our speaker frame has a layer of powder coating on the surface, which has good corrosion resistance and makes the speaker suitable for various environments.
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