OEM processing electric die-casting oil leakage baking tray

Aluminium die-casting oil baking tray – a great tool for enjoying delicious food while relaxing outdoors

Product Name die-casting oil leakage baking tray
Size L: 420mm W:260 H: 25 mm
Weight       1.5 KG
Material Grade ADC12/A380
power 1000W-2000W
input voltage 220V/110V
Surface treatment Teflon/Ceramic
Packing Cardboard box
MOQ 2000 Pcs
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Product Description

Aluminum die-casting oil leakage baking tray Customization: We have the capability to produce a variety of baking pans based on customer blueprints or samples. With years of experience in manufacturing non-stick cookware and aluminum die-cast baking pans, our die-casting equipment ranges from 160 tons to 800 tons. We offer surface coatings such as PTFE, Maifan Stone, and Ceramic non-stick coatings.

Benefits of our Aluminum die-casting oil leakage baking tray

  • The baking pans are fabricated using high-quality aluminum alloy through precision die-casting, ensuring rapid heat conduction, high-temperature resistance, and minimal susceptibility to deformation.
  • Featuring a dual-layer food-grade non-stick coating, our pans are highly resistant to scorching, maintain a non-stick surface, and enable the production of healthy and delicious food items.
  • Enhanced by a powerful 2000W heating element and a U-shaped heating tube, our baking pans facilitate rapid heating, allowing you to enjoy culinary delights in an instant.
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