High quality 6.5″ Die-cast Aluminium Horn Basket P166-650

Our 6.5 inch Aluminium Horn speaker frame baskets are made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting.

D(Outer Diameter) 175.5mm d1(Diameter of  paper hole ) 170.5mm H(Total height) 65mm
D1(Miameter Of Centre Bore) 70mm d2(Secondary Inner Diameter) 148.5mm h(Effective height) 35mm
D2(Csecendary Outer Diameter) 150.5mm d3(Dlameter For Damper) 140.3mm h1(Fodler height)
D3( Diameter Of Mounting Hole) 8*163*6.5mm h2(Bottim height)
D4( Diameter Of Rivet Hole) 6*90*6.5
D4( Diameter Of Rivet Hole) 6*185*7
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We have dozens of mold models to produce Aluminium Horn subwoofer speaker frames in different shapes and sizes, and the speaker frame surface can be powder coated in different colors to meet the different requirements of our customers for appearance. We can also provide ODM (custom mold) production of aluminum die-casting cone frames

Die-cast Aluminium Horn speaker baskets have good design flexibility

  • The aluminum alloy die-cast loudspeaker frame is a component that secures the loudspeaker cone within the loudspeaker enclosure.
  • Material: Our 6.5″ loudspeaker frame, P166-650, is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, offering advantages such as high strength and light weight.
  • Product Structure: It is manufactured using the die-casting process, where molten aluminum is injected into the die-casting mold under high pressure. This process ensures the production of precise and consistently sized aluminum frames.
  • Size: Our die-cast frame can accommodate an 18-inch loudspeaker cone, allowing for secure installation and positioning.
  • Mounting Holes: The loudspeaker frame is equipped with pre-determined mounting holes, facilitating the attachment of the loudspeaker cone bracket to the loudspeaker enclosure.
  • Rigidity and Resonance Damping: The die-cast aluminum structure reduces vibration and resonance, contributing to improved sound quality.
  • Heat Dissipation: The die-cast aluminum possesses excellent thermal conductivity, enabling the loudspeaker frame to effectively dissipate heat generated by the speaker components.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Our loudspeaker frame is coated with a powder coating on its surface, providing excellent resistance against external corrosion and making the loudspeaker suitable for various environments.

Blue Powder Coated 6.5 Aluminium Die-cast Speaker Frame Basket P166-650

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