Silver white powder coated 21″ aluminium die-cast speaker baskets

We offer dozens of models and sizes of aluminium die-cast speaker baskets, and we can also provide ODM (custom mould) production services for speaker aluminium cone stands!

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Benefits of the 21″ 535-775 aluminium die-cast speaker baskets

“MATERIAL: Our 21″die-cast cone frames P535-775 are made of high quality aluminium, offering the advantages of high strength and light weight.

PRODUCT CONSTRUCTION: The die casting process is used to inject molten aluminium into the die casting mould under high pressure in a die casting machine. It is capable of producing aluminium alloy frames with precise and consistent dimensions.

Dimensions: Our 21 aluminium die-cast speaker baskets can accommodate up to 21″ speaker cones and can be securely mounted and positioned.

Mounting holes: Our aluminium cone frames have fixed mounting holes for easy mounting of the speaker cone frame to the speaker cabinet.

Rigidity and resonance damping: die-cast aluminium alloy construction reduces unwanted vibration and resonance, helping to improve sound quality.

Heat Dissipation: Die-cast aluminium alloy has good thermal conductivity, and the21 aluminium die-cast speaker baskets can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the speaker components.

CORROSION RESISTANCE: Our speaker frames have a layer of powder coating on the surface, which can well resist external corrosion, making the speakers suitable for a variety of environments.”

Code Note Code Note Code Note
D(Outer Diameter) 548mm d1(Diameter of  paper hole ) 541mm H(Total height) 179mm
D1(Miameter Of Centre Bore) 166mm d2(Secondary Inner Diameter) 489mm h(Effective height) 129/135mm
D2(Csecendary Outer Diameter) 496mm d3(Dlameter For Damper) 265.5mm h1(Fodler height)
D3( Diameter Of Mounting Hole) 8*525*6.5mm h2(Bottim height)
D4( Diameter Of Rivet Hole) 6*185*7mm
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