High Quality Black Powder Coated Aluminium 10 inch speaker frame P250-604

Our 10 inch speaker frame P250-604 is manufactured using high-quality aluminium alloy die-casting process, which can effectively reduce resonance and vibration problems of the speakers.

Code Note Code Note Code
D(Outer Diameter) 260mm d1(Diameter of  paper hole ) 255mm H(Total height)
D1(Miameter Of Centre Bore) 86mm d2(Secondary Inner Diameter) 228.3mm h(Effective height)
D2(Csecendary Outer Diameter) 228mm d3(Dlameter For Damper) 159/143mm h1(Fodler height)
D3( Diameter Of Mounting Hole) 8*246*6.5mm h2(Bottim height)
D4( Diameter Of Rivet Hole) 6*100*6.5
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Our 10 inch speaker frames are made of high-quality aluminium alloy, produced by die-casting process, with many models and good quality

Features of the die-cast aluminium 10 inch speaker frame P250-604

  • Aluminium die-cast speaker cone brackets are the components that hold the speaker cone in place within the speaker cabinet.
  • Material: Our P250-604 bracket is made of die-cast aluminium, which offers the benefits of great strength, durability and light weight.
  • Die-cast construction: Die-casting is a manufacturing process in which molten aluminium is injected into a die-cast mould under high pressure. It enables the manufacture of precise and strong brackets with consistent dimensions.
  • Size: The audio bracket is designed to accommodate a 10″ speaker cone, allowing for secure mounting and positioning.
  • Mounting holes: Our brackets have pre-drilled holes for easy mounting to the speaker cone and speaker enclosure.
  • Rigidity and resonance damping: The die-cast aluminium construction reduces unwanted vibration and resonance, helping to improve sound quality.
  • Heat dissipation: aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity so that the speaker frame can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the speaker components.
  • Corrosion resistance: Our loudspeaker frames are powder coated to provide excellent corrosion resistance, making the stands suitable for a wide range of environments.
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